Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tonight Is Not Enough


If you can’t find your way,
Make a home here in my arms.
I know you’ve been fighting for a long time,
And that it tastes like war on your tongue, but
It’s sweet to me…
Just close those eyes and let go.
There’s space for you to sleep here again.
I’ve got a blanket made from miracles, and
A pillow filled with wishes whispered.
So watch your head, lay it down
Promises can wait another day.

For tonight is not enough
So shine on in that manner so delicate,
Shine on and gather the memories about your skirt.

Wave goodbye to all those monstrous days,
Those times filled with the most hollow of words.
I want to see you last longer than anything alive,
Forgotten by no one but me.
And I won’t fight the shadows or the cold.
So don’t yield
Or let the earth consume.
We have only minutes left now,
And we’re only a few kisses away.
Tonight was never meant to fill us,
It was only meant to fail…

(from the chapbook, “Our Sketches & Echoes”)

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